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Apply to Exhibit

Spirit of Christmas Fair operates a strict vetting procedure to ensure that all products are suitable for the look and feel of Fair and Spirit brand, appeal to the tastes of our discerning audience and add variety to the current offering.

All new companies are carefully hand-picked to maintain a consistently high standard and retain our status as the leading event for boutique shopping.

Stand Rates

• £544pm2 for Ground Gifts
• £472pm2 for Gallery Gifts
• £397pm2 for Food & Drink

(Please note that all bookings are subject to a Service Charge from £125 for gifts and £90 for food & drink)

All rates are charged plus VAT.

Application Checklist

  • Product images or a digital brochure.
  • Stand photographs from previous show(s). If you haven’t got previous stand photographs, please send us your stand design.
  • Press coverage and brand affiliations.
  • Images of brand literature i.e. letterhead, comp slip, gift box, bag etc.

*Please note, all images and files must contain your brand company name to match your files to your application. 

Part One: Stand Application Form

*Please ensure to complete this section first:

Part Two: Required Imagery Files

*Please ensure to complete this section second:

File Naming Convention

Follow the below naming convention to match files with your stand application form: 

  • Files should be named with the brand company name at the beginning. 
  • File names should be short but descriptive (<25 characters) e.g AspigaAdelineMaxiDressMint
  • Avoid special characters in a file name.
If you haven’t got a previous stand photograph, please send us your stand design
3. Product Images

Please upload multiple images of 5 of your best selling pieces. For jewellery, please include imagery of the packaging it would be sold in, in the same image.