Exhibitor FAQs

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you a few things that should make your participation as successful as possible:

  • Headline results from Post-show Visitor Survey
  • Key developments for 2018
  • A few tips for a successful Fair
  • FAQs & Timelines

Please note this is only a guideline, you are still required to refer to the online Exhibitor Manual for full details which will be available from the middle of August.


1. Headline Results from Post-show Visitor Survey

  • 90% thought the quality of products offered Good or Excellent
  • 88% thought the quality and quantity of exhibitors were Good or Excellent
  • 87% thought the look & feel of exhibitor stands were Good or Excellent
  • 75% are Very/Extremely Likely to recommend the Fair to a friend
  • However, the following were listed as areas for improvement by visitors
    • More ‘Christmassy’ products & look
    • More variety of products 
    • A wider selection of lower priced items 
    • Catering 
    • Seating

2. Key Fair developments for 2018

In light of the feedback mentioned above and our continuous effort to improve the visitor experience, the following developments are in place for this year:
More ‘Christmassy’ onsite experience and show design

  • Brand new layout with 4 entrances to even out visitor flow and relieve congestion (click here for our 3D plan), another 5 will be from the Luxury Travel Fair which runs from 1-4 November
  • A bigger Food Hall
  • Including a brand new Food Court to improve catering options and seating 
  • An additional Champagne Bar for more catering / seating

3. A few tips to maximise your success at the Fair

  • To gain pre-show exposure, send product and lifestyle images of your A/W18 collection to Spirit.marketing@clarionevents.com to be considered for our pre-show marketing campaign 
  • Considering the visitor feedback, highlighted above, please consider the following for your stand to help increase your return on investment:
    • Do exclusive show offers (and tell us about it so we can promote them)
    • Offer a variety of price points (where possible) in your product offering, we advise entry level products of less than £25 mixed in with higher ticketed items* 
    • More Christmassy products and stand display*
  • Contact your customers to promote your presence at the Fair 
  • Let your customers know your stand number so that they can easily find you at the Fair 
  • Update your company profile on the Fair’s website and Official Fair Book 

*New products and stand designs must be approved by the committee.  Please send further details  to the 

In case some of you are unfamiliar with the timelines and processes, we thought it be helpful to outline these below for you.  





  • Early Bird discounts for Electrics, lighting and stand fitting through Freeman ends 27th September (refer to order forms in the exhibitor manual)
  • Traffic Booking system goes live 29th September to book your vehicle slot for build-up & break down of your stand


Q. What is the best way to get in touch with the team?

  • For Guest Invitations, competitions, images, promoting your presence at the Fair, please use Spirit.marketing@clarionevents.com:
    • Marketing Manager – Helen James
    • Marketing Executive – Hebe Taylor Haw
    • Marketing Assistant – Konstantina (Dina) Dimitriadou 
  • PR – please contact Claire McInerney claire.mcinerney@staturepr.com

Q. I have nice images of my products, where do I send them to?

To potentially be considered for the marketing campaign e.g. Advertising campaign, newsletters, social media, website etc, please send us beautiful lifestyle imagery. 
These images must be high resolution and in JPEG or PNG format. Please send to Spirit.marketing@clarionevents.com via attachment or WeTransfer (no drop box or PDF’s).  

Q. I have an interesting, newsworthy story or exciting launch to shout about?

To be considered for our media and pr campaign, please contact Claire McInerney claire.mcinerney@staturepr.com

Q. What can I do to maximise my visibility at the Fair?

  • Are you going to be running any exclusive Fair offers? Or launching new products? Let us know – this is fantastic content for newsletters, blogs, social media and more.
  • Also, tell us about any bloggers, influencers or celebrities you are working or associated with
  • Complete the ‘Marketing Material Request and PR Form’ in the manual as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss any vital deadlines or opportunities 
  • Promote your presence at the Fair on your social media channels and follow & engage in the Fair’s social media MENTON HASHTAGS HERE
  • Send out your 30% off offer code to your database
  • Utilise the ‘See At Us’ Banners which can be found via the manual
  • Create bespoke pages on your website promoting your presence at the Fair, with a link to the Fair’s website www.spiritofchristmasfair.co.uk 
  • Update your free company profile on the website with your company logo, images and blurb.  
  • Submit your free listing in the Official Fair Book via the Manual (available at the end of August). This will be distributed for free to all guests at the event.

Q. How do I get my complimentary ticket allocation and when will they be available?

  • These are not sent out automatically and need to be requested.  Please complete the ‘Marketing Material Request and PR Form’ in the exhibitor manual as soon as possible to receive your Guest Invitations/e-codes, we send them out on a weekly basis
  • You will only receive your Guest Invitations if you have paid your deposit or a minimum of £1,000, whichever is less. Please contact Liam.Hallinan@clarionevents.com or jyoti.fatania@clarionevents.com to arrange payment if you have not done so
  • Guest Invitations come in in two forms: e-tickets and hard copy tickets. In our efforts to be more sustainable and reduce waste, you must take a minimum of 50% of your allocation as e-tickets

Q. How can I get involved in pre-Fair competitions?

Email Spirit.marketing@clarionevents.com with the competition prize(s) you had in mind, and its value, as early as possible.

Q. How do I update my company profile on the website?

  • Your website log in will come from Spirit.marketing@clarionevents.com as an automated email at the end of August with a link to log in 
  • Please contact the team if have any problems logging in


Q: When will the manual go live? 

Week commencing 13th August

Q: Where and how can I hire furniture for my stand?

Our official furniture contractor is Freeman and can be ordered through the manual or directly with Freeman. We advise you investing in your own furniture, please refer to the Stand Design Guideline in the manual.

Q: Is there storage? 

  • Communal Free of Charge storage- this is operated on a first come first serve basis, the details of where this will be located will be in the manual.  
  • Dedicated/secure storage - please contact the spirit.sales@clarionevents.com to book at a rate of £90 +VAT per sqm. Please note you will need to arrange access to your booked storage area with Freeman through EMEA.ExhibitorServices@freemanco.com.  If you are using the storage space as a changing area, you will need to make this completely secure and partitioned to protect the modesty of customers and not to pose a security risk for other exhibitors’ stock.

Q: How do I book my traffic slot for build-up and breakdown?

‘Carbon Voyage’, the booking system, will go live 30 days prior to the Fair. 

Q: Where do I get my Exhibitor Passes from? 

These are collected from the Organisers Office once you arrive onsite.  To ensure a smooth process please remember to fill in your operations form in the Exhibitor Manual. Please note they will NOT be photo badges. 

Q: What are the panel dimensions for my Stand? 

Your stand has wooden panels painted white with flat muslin ceiling and neutral colour carpet.  Below is an illustrative example of a corner stand:

Traditional Shell Scheme

Q: What are the build-up and breakdown times?

Build up
Saturday 27 October:    0800-1800
Sunday 28 October:      0800-2200

Sunday 5 November:    1730-2200