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Now in its 24th year, Spirit of Christmas Fair in association with House and Garden is an established show and the leading Christmas shopping event with a proven track record of welcoming the most affluent shoppers. The 55,000 visitors who attend the show and our co-located Fairs over the seven days encompass the richest 10% in the country. See the demographics below.

Audience Demographics

Our data insights show that 86% of visitors to Spirit of Christmas Fair fall within the top 10% of the wealthiest households in the country. Working with CACI and their ACORN categories we have identified the key groups the audience falls into which are:

Lavish Lifestyles
Executive Wealth
Mature Money
City Sophisticates
Career Climbers


audience falls into the top 10% of the richest in the UK


of visitors to the Fair are female


of database (90k) come from the wealthiest ACORN segments in the country (Affluent Achievers and Rising Prosperity)


of visitors live in either greater London or the South East 

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A marketing partnership could include...

Inclusion in Fair Emails 

  • 100k Circa

Website Editorial 

  • 46k September Website Unique Users
  • 98k October Website Unique Users
  • 65k November Website Unique Users


Website Advertising

  • 46k September Website Unique Users
  • 98k October Website Unique Users
  • 65k November Website Unique Users


Access to Spirit Socials 

  • Instagram (18.2k followers)
  • Facebook (11k followers)
  • Twitter (3.6k followers)

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