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06 Sep 2023

Shop Small: Discover British and Sustainable Brands

Shop Small: Discover British and Sustainable Brands

This festive season, dive deep into a world of British charm, tradition, and sustainability. Join The Spirit of Christmas Fair as we celebrate the best of Britain's emerging sustainable brands, each narrating a unique tale of heritage and eco-responsibility.

Sustainable Style from Kate Barton

Kate Barton kb1

Designed for the modern woman who values both comfort and style, Kate Barton is a testament to 'occasion-less', everyday dressing. With every piece designed by Kate in her studio, her brand mirrors the multifaceted needs of today's woman, offering an everyday wardrobe that balances ease and sophistication. "Dress for yourself, not occasions," asserts Barton, emphasizing her dedication to versatile silhouettes and quality fabrics. View their website here.

Timeless Elegance: Addison Ross Homewares

 AD5 Addison Ross1

Delve into the realm of timeless tablescaping with Addison Ross. This iconic family-run brand, founded in 1978 by David & Sarah Ross, has been elevating homes globally. Known for their commitment to sustainable craftsmanship, their vast collection ranges from their signature photo frames to luxurious lacquer trays and salt & pepper grinders. "Sustainability is at the core of our design principles, ensuring each piece stands the test of time," highlights Sarah Ross. Explore more of what they have to offer here.


Sustainable Sips with a British Touch: Gattertop Drinks Co


Capture the essence of the English countryside in a glass with Gattertop's orchard-inspired spirits. Founded on the mission to conserve Britain's vanishing orchards and their rich cultural heritage, Gattertop uses home-grown fruit and botanicals to craft naturally flavoursome drinks. "Our aim is not just to quench thirsts but to raise awareness of our rapidly disappearing orchards and the wildlife habitats they support," notes founder Gemma Standeven. Venture more into their journey here.


Cotswold Knit: Tradition Meets Sustainability


Nestled in England’s scenic countryside, Cotswold Knit is a celebration of British artistry and heritage. Founder Anna Wheeler masterfully blends traditions and sustainability, crafting designs that tell tales of the past while embracing the future. Using vibrant patterns, traditional textiles, and non-mulesed lambswool, each knit is a nod to both creativity and responsibility. Anna reflects, "Our ethos is to champion sustainability while keeping traditional British crafting alive, season after season." Learn more about what Cotswold Knit do here.

Dream Responsibly with If Only If


Sleep has never been more sustainable with nightwear from If Only If. With a slow and considerate approach to production, they prioritize quality over quantity. Their commitment to sustainability will soon see the introduction of GOTS-certified organic cotton designs by autumn 2023. "We believe in mindful production, fostering close relationships with our manufacturers, and working towards a fully organic future," shares Creative Director Emily Campbell. Explore their full ranges here.


Padfield England: British Craftsmanship at its Best

Padfield  England

Embodying British luxury, Padfield England creates high-quality leather goods sourced and crafted entirely in England. This family-run business supports local pastoral farming, ensuring minimal waste of UK hides. Lucy Padfield highlights, "By crafting in small batches, we not only reduce our CO2 footprint but also strengthen our commitment to British materials and craftsmanship." To read more about their tree planting initiatives, read here.

Discover a world of British sophistication and sustainable ethos with these brands and captivating tales at the Spirit of Christmas Fair. Secure your tickets now to support local, sustainable brands this festive season. Join us from October 30th to November 5th, 2023, for a 7-day festive celebration. Dive deeper into our exhibitors' stories on our blog here.

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