Heart Glass Coloured Bauble

Treasure Tree’s premium quality, hand-blown glass hearts look simply adorable when hanging on the tips of the Christmas tree branches or when used to decorate the fir swag on the fireplace or the festive garlands spiraling up the staircase.

Jasmin Byzantian Bauble

Jasmine luxury, handcrafted glass Christmas baubles are beautiful heart-shaped baubles.

It is quite difficult to describe these gorgeous decorations and convey just how fabulously elegant they look.

Christmas Morning Glass Coloured Bauble

Christmas Morning luxury, handmade, glass Christmas baubles are an intriguing mix of bold, traditional festive colours combined with a simple but contemporary design. The top half of each Christmas Morning bauble comprises of clear glass studded with hundreds of gold glass dots that shimmer beautifully on the Christmas tree. The lower half of the bauble is solid, vibrant colour: glowing gold, fireside red, pale jade green or bright cobalt blue.

All Christmas Morning medium baubles are 8cm in diameter.

Mistral Coloured Bauble

Mistral luxury, handmade glass Christmas baubles are offered in a wide range of sizes and colours. The elegant and relatively simple, spiral and dot pattern looks timeless and classic in gold yet appears far more modern and contemporary in silver.

You can choose gold or silver Mistral in small 4cm, medium 8cm and large 10cm diameter balls.

Anastasia Holly Bauble

Anastasia coloured, glass Christmas tree baubles have been expertly hand-blown, hand-etched and then hand-painted by the Treasure Tree team of craftsmen.
Anastasia luxury glass baubles consist of a 6cm diameter coloured ball which has been etched with a white, opaque holly design. Beneath the coloured ball is a twisted droplet of clear glass.