Umlilo - Fire Trivet - Tahki Collection

/ Umlilo - Fire Trivet - Tahki Collection

Umlilo - Fire Trivet - Tahki Collection

This collection has been inspired by the four elements - Earth, Water, Fire and Air - which have been interpreted into contemporary designs and new techniques by the artisans.  
Takhi, the Siswati word meaning "designing" or "making on your own" is Gone Rural UK's first artisan-lead design collection.

"Fire burn and regenerates the grass around our homes"

"We cook with Fire”

With colours taken from the vibrant flames of fire, and shapes inspired by cooking pot handles, Ntombi Vilakati, Sibongele Mngometulu and Bakhetsile Langwenya have together crafted these two beautiful grass woven trivets.
A one off centre piece for your table or wall, or a set to dress any dinner or lunch gathering, as fire has been for time eternal.

Lutindzi - sourced directly from the mountains of Eswatini.
Sisal -  a regenerating weed sourced from the Lavumisa area of Eswatini.
All our materials are dye using environmentally friendly German dyes imported from South Africa

3 sizes -  28cm, 32cm & 36cm diam
Buy a set of four (save £10)

Your investment 
A percentage of the purchase price of the products will go directly to the artisans as royalties - an additional compensation for their designs work in bringing these products to life.  Another portion of sales will  go towards a community contribution paid to the artisans to support shared development initiatives in their community of Lavumisa.  These projects will include connecting electricity to two community halls, as well as the ability to furnish & paint the halls if our stretch targets are met. Your purchase will also facilitating the design process for further collections.