T London

T London

At T London we love to create personal experiences and products to suit your individual style and interiors. This year we offer a choice of beautifully designed aroma diffuser vessels, crafted in clean, minimal silhouettes. Each is ready to be filled with your favourite T London fragrance and paired with your choice of reeds, for a completely tailored scent experience with a big wow style factor !

We Promise:
Pure, high quality ingredients, skin-friendly formulas and ethical production processes. 

At T london, our perfumers blend the complex fragrances of different atmospheres and places with the aromatic essential oils of handpicked spices, fruits, grasses and flowers.

From pink peppercorns, to purple lavendin and cinnamon leaf, each collection features a host of oils to create a specific mindstate.

We collect potent botanical extracts from far flung corners of the globe, to gently cleanse your skin, boost it with moisture and leave it in excellent condition. Shea butter, green tea, witch hazel, olive oil and others infuse our body products with layers of nourishment.