Sustainable: Elephant Gin

Sustainable: Elephant Gin

15% of profits to the endangered African elephant cause, but have continuously been striving to make our business practices more people and planet friendly.

Sustainability and social responsibility is reflected in all facets of Elephant Gin; from waste reduction and innovative recycling initiatives to smarter bar initiatives as well as furthering education and providing work opportunities in wildlife conservation.

Elephant gin source recyclable and sustainable materials; including glass bottles, natural corks from 100% biodegradable polylactic acid, hemp string decoration and extending to their packaging of 100% recyclable boxes, omitting bubble-wrap and styrofoam, for cushioning the goods.

They also use paper (and are currently developing sugar cane) straws and are trialing paper packing tape to replace the plastic one.

Elephant Gin are so passionate about wildlife protection, that their brochures and flyers are made out of recycled paper, or even elephant dung produce.