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27 Jun 2023

Original Festive Traditions to Start This Season

Original Festive Traditions to Start This Season

The festive season is a time for family celebrations and meaningful moments. While decorating the tree, singing carols, and sharing a Christmas meal are enjoyable, incorporating new traditions can bring fresh magic to your celebrations. Discover inspiring ideas at creative workshops and boutiques during the Spirit of Christmas Fair, held at Olympia London from October 30th to November 5th, adding a unique touch to your special experiences this season.

Master the Art of Tablescaping

At the heart of Christmas is celebrating with loved ones, sharing festive meals full of warmth, laughter, and good cheer. Elevate these gatherings by refining your tablescaping skills with the help of some of these exquisite brands.

Choice of Scandinavia

This Scandinavian-inspired brand specialises in curating tableware that embraces effortless beauty. Mix and match their rustic and elegant pieces to set a welcoming tone at your table.

True Linen

Based in the UK, True Linen offers European stonewashed linen that naturally enhances your tables with its soft texture and relaxed elegance.

We Love Seasons

Beyond dishes and linens, this brand's decorative accents add sophistication to your table. Their contemporary wood and ceramic pieces blend sustainability with refined style. Incorporate accents that align with your colour scheme and theme to design captivating tablescapes that complement your cuisine and bring joy to family dinners.

Write Traditional Christmas Cards

As you explore the Spirit of Christmas Fair, be inspired by our exhibitors offering an array of festive cards, each capturing unique styles. Embrace the timeless tradition of sending handwritten cards, composing thoughtful messages your loved ones will cherish for that added personal touch. By prioritising this art, you not only support the fair's talented exhibitors but also create magical moments that endure throughout the years.

Create Your Own Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers bring a burst of excitement with their mix of witty jokes, cool trinkets, and stylish paper crowns. Get creative with loved ones and create your own personalised crackers using paper tubes, small treats, and on-trend gifts to fill them up. Encourage children to express their imagination by personalising with stickers, glitter, and other embellishments available at the Spirit of Christmas Fair. This hands-on experience introduces a unique and contemporary flair to your Christmas festivities.

Christmas Cookie Swap

Baked treats like gingerbread and cookies bring forth a nostalgic charm. For a unique twist, consider starting a cookie swap with friends or family. Each friend can bake a batch of festive cookies, and then come together to exchange flavours in this edible gathering. To add an element of excitement, keep the details of the cookie swap secret and reveal them through the creatively decorated Christmas invites showcased by our exhibitors. With delicious results and quality time spent with loved ones, this new tradition promises delightful fun.

The festive season offers a chance to embrace old favourites while also establishing meaningful new traditions. Explore a selection of ideas such as mastering tablescaping, reviving cards, personalising Christmas crackers, and hosting cookie swaps to add magic, connection, and delight to your celebrations. These are just a taste of the inspiration you can discover at the Spirit of Christmas Fair. Ignite your creativity with loved ones and make this Christmas your most cherished one yet.

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