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07 Sep 2023

Cashmere: The Luxury Fibre with a Sustainable Spin

Story Cashmere Stand: A57
Cashmere: The Luxury Fibre with a Sustainable Spin

Cashmere, the epitome of luxury in the world of natural yarns, offers more than just warmth and softness; it's a testament to mindful consumption. In an era where conscientious buying is gaining momentum, individuals are increasingly considering the impact of their choices – from the brands they support to the welfare of those involved in the production process.

For the cashmere industry, this shift in consumer consciousness is pivotal. The surging demand for cashmere has posed ecological challenges as larger herds of goats graze the land. Unlike sheep, the goats uproot grass rather than cutting it, hindering the land's ability to regenerate quickly and leaving the cashmere industry facing a critical dilemma.

Story Cashmere BTB 1  Story Cashmere BTB 2

Another key part of the industry is the collection of raw fibre from the goats. This involves the process of combing or shearing goats for the fine hair under their thick winter coat by their herders. The goats naturally start to shed their coats in Spring, around April and May, which is the best time for this to happen. However, when demand outpaces supply, irresponsible practices emerge, compromising the welfare of those involved, namely the animals. This underscores the importance of supporting organisations like the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA).

Story Cashmere, a brand committed to ethical and sustainable practices is a supporting member of the SFA. While still in the process of working towards using fully certified sustainable and traceable yarn, they do currently work only with with yarn providers that undergo rigorous audits and adhere to the "five freedoms" for animal welfare as well as recycling waste water and regenerating the land. While a small business, Story Cashmere hopes eventually to make a big impact.

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In the garment industry change takes time and is costly, however the effects of the end result will send ripples that will turn to waves .

For more info on the Sustainable Fibre Alliance please visit

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