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08 Oct 2023

Behind the Brand: Emma J Shipley

Emma J Shipley Ltd Stand: M35
Behind the Brand: Emma J Shipley

Emma J Shipley is a luxury British lifestyle brand known for imaginative prints based on Emma’s hand-drawn illustrations. Inspiration comes from the unique beauty of the natural world, exploring myths, legends and surreal fantasy. Emma has always had a fascination with nature and animals, in particular those from the most extreme and wild places on Earth, such as the jungles of South America and the savannahs of Africa. 

Emma J Shipley 1 Emma J Shipley 2 

She mixes inspiration from her own travels with a fervent imagination and fictional influences such as myths, legends, and fairytales, to create a unique and fantastical world of design. The designs are all hand-drawn in pencil, before being intricately digitally coloured, giving a distinctive look combining traditional and cutting-edge techniques.

Emma J Shipley 3 Emma J Shipley 4

Creations include home furnishings, accessories, luxury scarves and more, all adorned in Emma’s colourful and intricately-drawn fantasy artworks. They make each and every piece ethically, in premium materials, always minimising their impact on the environment.

Emma J Shipley 5 Emma J Shipley 6

Emma J Shipley has always been committed to protecting the natural world, and, in particular, endangered species. They have given back to nature via a number of charity collaborations over the years, and in 2020 they launched an ongoing collaboration with World Land Trust, planting over 5,000 trees for endangered wildlife habitat. 

You can also catch Emma J Shipley in the Spirit of Christmas Fair 2023 Workshop 'In Conversation with Philippa Craddock' at 3pm, Monday 30 November 2023.

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