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30 Aug 2023

Behind the Brand: Desmond & Dempsey

Desmond & Dempsey Stand: M91
Behind the Brand: Desmond & Dempsey

Desmond & Dempsey are a London-based pyjama and leisurewear brand, crafting tuxedos of leisure since 2014. It all started at the reunion of Molly and Joel's long distance romance, where a search for nightwear was fruitless. They grew up on opposite sides of the world, one in the UK and the other in Australia, met in Canada and fell in love in Madrid!

Desmond & Dempsey BTB 1 (2) Desmond & Dempsey BTB 5

Desmond & Dempsey is an ode to The Sunday Morning and they were named after their grandfathers. Their products (mostly pyjamas) are designed to intimidate the productive. Every collection begins with the print and each one is an artwork in its own right, inspired by life; a Mexican tale, a Spanish palm, the power of a Tiger. All prints are hand painted in their London studio onto organic cotton, and the pyjamas are hand cut and sewn in Portugal. 

Desmond & Dempsey BTB 2 Desmond & Dempsey BTB 3

Every collection stems from the celebration of the Art of Leisure, where they find themselves exploring new techniques and artful worlds to escape to.
They are constantly trying to find the balance of work and life and truly believe in the restorative power of doing sweet nothing.

Desmond & Dempsey BTB 4 Desmond & Dempsey BTB 6

You can speak to and shop from the Desmond & Dempsey team yourselves, on stand M91 at the Spirit of Christmas Fair 2023. 

Book your tickets here.

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