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27 Jun 2023

How "The Spirit of Christmas Fair" is Championing Sustainable Christmas Gifts


The festive season can come with increased waste from gift giving. But it doesn't have to be that way. Forward-thinking events like The Spirit of Christmas Fair, 30 October – 5 November at Olympia London are leading the way in curating ethical, eco-conscious gifts you can feel good about.

By bringing together 700 hand-selected independent and sustainable brands, Spirit provides a one-stop shop to discover green gifts with heart. Here's how they're championing sustainability this Christmas:

Supporting British Makers and Brands

From knitwear to skincare, Spirit exclusively features small businesses and designers from across the UK. Buying from local sellers reduces miles travelled for manufacturing and shipping, cutting carbon emissions. It also invests back into the local economy and creative community.

Brands like Cotswold Knit, Padfield England, and Kate Barton showcase the best of British craftsmanship and materials. Their products tell a story that continues age-old traditions with a modern, eco-conscious approach.

Promoting Conscious Production

Spirit prioritises sellers who align with ethical values like:

Using organic, natural materials

Employing fair labour practices

Operating small batch production

Pursuing zero waste initiatives

Offsetting carbon emissions

These purposeful production methods reduce environmental impact. Brands like If Only If and Gattertop Drinks adopt this mindset.

Curbing Overconsumption

The frenzied pace of Christmas shopping often leads to overbuying. Spirit's curated approach helps avoid this by making ethical choices simple and intentional. With one ticket, you instantly gain access to hundreds of meaningful, sustainably made gifts for everyone on your list. The joy comes from finding that perfect item, not accumulating more unnecessary possessions.

You're also directly supporting the livelihoods of small businesses; this creates a more personal, gratifying experience than hurried mass shopping.

Rethinking Shipping

Much of the waste from shopping comes from packaging and delivery emissions. By bringing everything all in one place, Spirit eliminates emissions from shipping gifts to your door.

Shopping small business at the fair also uses less packaging than mass-produced items. And any needed wrapping or shipping can be handled on-site through vendors offering these services.

Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Spirit’s sellers focus on quality over quantity. The goal is longevity, not disposability. This reduces the cycle of constantly buying, using briefly, then tossing more stuff. Timeless products like Addison Ross Homewares withstand trends. Pieces made well, like Cotswold Knit’s knits or Padfield’s leather goods, last for years to come.

Experience Over “Stuff”

The fair itself offers an experience – a festive day sharing festive cheer with friends and family. Focusing on time together, not just acquiring more possessions, embraces the meaning of the season.

The Spirit of Christmas Fair combines food, drink and an unforgettable shopping experience to create a festive atmosphere. The event becomes about community, not consumerism.

This Christmas, give sustainably from the heart. Let The Spirit of Christmas Fair, 30 October – 5 November at Olympia London connect you with ethical makers and brands so you can shop local, lower waste, and spread joy. Discover green gifts with meaning at Spirit's iconic 7-day event this season.


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