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Shakera Tayub

Shakera Tayub

Artist , Shaku

Shakera is a passionate artist and the creative force behind Shaku. Taking the leap to start university at the age of 40, Shakera successfully read her BA in Textile Design at Loughborough University, followed by her Masters in Fashion Design and Textile at De Montfort University. With the knowledge, skills and confidence she gained from her education, Shakera decided to launch ‘Shaku’, high end lifestyle and accessories brand with Shakera’s art and ethos at its core.  

Each Shaku piece represents a harmonious marriage between the colourful flourishes of her native India and the idyllic, floral landscapes of rural England. A glorious fusion of her past and her present. Shakera’s journey has been about rediscovering how to express her skills and vision and sharing it with the world.