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Melanie Curtis

Melanie Curtis

Trauma and addiction Recovery Coach, Trauma Thrivers

Melanie Curtis is a Trauma and addiction Recovery Coach, Trauma-informed yoga and meditation teacher and somatic practitioner. She also works as part of the Trauma Thrivers team - an online trauma-recovery and trauma-informed community and co-facilitates a trauma-informed training programme called The Voyage®.

Having embarked upon her own non-linear recovery from trauma and addiction several years ago, she understands there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Mel understands that a holistic approach to recovery is essential and therefore uses a combination of her extensive training in trauma and addiction together with somatic practices and of course, her lived experience, to offer a fully integrated journey to healing. 

Mel’s healing approach is based on the belief that everyone has the innate ability within themselves to heal home to their authenticity, finding that true connection to self, others, spirit and the world, which is the foundation upon which the journey from surviving to thriving can take place.