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Amber Jeffrey

Amber Jeffrey

Online Community Facilitator, The Grief Gang

Amber Jeffrey is a celebrated podcast host, online community facilitator, grief mentor and consultant. Her work & podcast, The Grief Gang, specialises in breaking down the topic that is grief one conversation at a time. By sharing her own experiences of loss as well as the stories of others on both her show and online platforms.

Through Amber's dedicated and passionate voice, she has gone on to deliver talks & panel discussions at the University of Cambridge, Westminster for the UK commission on bereavement and as of recently, consultancy work for the University of Oxford.

The podcast has gained traction in its life span of 3 years and has been recognised and amplified by many news & media outlets such as The BBC, Vogue, Women's Health, The Guardian and many more. With interviews on Woman's Hour, Channel 5 & BBC 1Xtra, Amber is no stranger to being behind the mic and delivering compelling, insightful and humorous interviews.

Amber is on a mission to get the country and further afield comfortable with talking about death, dying and grief. Her slogan for her podcast reads: "Welcome to the gang...the one you never asked to be part of". For something that is so concrete in life, why are we so bad at it? Amber thrives off these conversations and enjoys peeling back the layers and the nuances of grief.