Hideki Hiwatashi


Hiedki was born in 1971 in Japan in Tomakomai, Hokkaido an area famous for its nature and good food, particularly fresh seafood and ingredients. When he turned 20 travelled around America and Australia and ended up working in a sushi shop and fish market in Sydney. Hideki’s dream was always to work abroad and showcase the amazing Japanese cuisine to the rest of the world so he then returned to Japan and trained with some of the best chefs in the Country. Hideki then worked in the Sapporo fish restaurant and Mikuni French restaurant in Tokyo before joining Kikunoi Roan in Kyoto in 1997. He trained under Murata San for 10 years, working his way through the kitchen ranks. He became Head chef in 2006 where Kikunoi Roan gained 2 Michelin stars during his time as Head Chef. He moved to London in 2010 to set up Sake no Hana and became Executive Head chef in 2014.
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