Christina Mouratoglou


Adrien Carré and Christina Mouratoglou founded Mazi to introduce an exciting new Greek cuisine, breathing new life, colour and flavour into worn stereotypes. Adrien, French but born and raised in London, came from a business background in the restaurant industry and had worked for many years in different roles, from restaurant manager to fine food supplier; from wine importer to restaurant developer. But he had yet to realize his long-held dream of opening his own restaurant. Christina was born and raised in Thessaloniki, the culinary capital of Greece, among a family of foodies, and came to the UK to study and never left. Although her degree was in communication arts, Christina’s love of food won her over and she ended up opening a small deli in Chelsea. Mazi opened its doors in Notting Hill, London, in June 2012 and has been showered with praise for its fresh, innovative food ever since.
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