Created by conservation scientists and 100% British made, Seedball is a unique innovation to help more people grow bee and butterfly-friendly wildflowers. We manufacture the balls in-house using a mixture of UK-native seeds, clay, peat-free compost and chili powder, which create a protective casing against seed predators (e.g. birds and ants). They’re incredibly easy to use - scatter (no digging!) on top of soil, and with rain and warm sun the seeds will grow. Our British steel tins are manufactured in London, all seed is UK native and all flowers used are included on the RHS 'Plants for Pollinators' list, and and the compost used in the balls is peat-free. 

A brilliant eco-gift for wildlife lovers! Also perfect for non-expert gardeners, works in large gardens or small window boxes, and an award winning stocking filler for under £10.
Winner of Gift of the Year 2017 (Eco-Friendly) and Garden Retail Awarrds 2017 (Best New Gardening Product), Finalist of Gift of the Year 2018 (Gardening & Outdoor) and Winner of Honest John 2019 Product of The Year (Gift Under £20). As seen on Channel 4's Buy It Now (Episode 13), and featured in the Gaurdian's 2018 Christmas Gift Guide.