Elfie's Christmas Letters


This beautifully handcrafted, personalised Christmas Elf Letter bundle makes a wonderful Christmas tradition and unique Advent Calendar. Designed to encourage your children to read AND help preserve Christmas Magic. Daily Elf letters bringing Christmas magic into your home for the whole family to enjoy on the countdown to Christmas. A Chapter Book in disguise.
'Elfie's Christmas Letters' includes an official North Pole Certificate & Map ... and 25 beautifully illustrated elf letters, with new content and illustrations each year. Addressed to all the children in your family, full of funny stories, endless mishaps and a huge dollop of Christmas Magic!
*Includes the Letter for Christmas Eve, and the Boxing Day Letter
Christmas 2019 Edition: The Best Inventions Competition!
A magical tale unfolds daily through December in this magical handcrafted Advent Calendar letter bundle  ... what do Whistle-Berries do? Where's the entrance to the Top Secret Underground Tunnels? Will the Elves ever work out how to get inside the Magical Gingerbread House, and WHERE IS THE SLEIGH?!
The Elves borrow Father Christmas' computer to write letters full of secrets and snippets from the North Pole. As the Christmas season arrives the excitement gets the better of the Elves. They’re easily distracted, rather clumsy, and make huge amounts of mess. Do your children know what a Cinnamon Mine is or what a Magical Wind Machine does?
Each day through December, you secretly deliver a new letter on their behalf. Pop one by their toothbrush, in their shoes, on the door mat, or in their school bags ... How This Works. Still not sure? Do have a read through our Testimonials. 
 This letter bundle also includes all the letters in the North Pole Christmas Letters
If you'd like a sneaky peek at the storylines for this year  ...
Once again, Elfie’s Christmas Letters are full of fun, magic dust and Emergency Pyjama Meetings. Read about magical inventions, snowstorms, and forgotten Secret Underground Tunnels. Discover what Father Christmas is keeping secret in one of the Cranberry Sauce Cupboards, marvel at what the Elves discover inside the Magical Gingerbread House and delight in the 'extras' Father Christmas' uniform has this year. Can you guess what happens if you eat a Whistle Berry, or why the Elves’ Workshop is suddenly so STINKY?
... loves pranks, inventions, experiments and sweets, and is always up to something. And this year's no exception! He’ll do anything to avoid hard work. Or any work ... ideally while eating vast quantities of candy. The question is … will his latest invention, a Candy Enlarging Machine, work out as he hopes?
... Lyra’s a total whizz at computers, and is super cool. She’s just installed a Wrong-Thing-Here! Alarm in the Recycling Cabin, as they keep recycling things by mistake! This time it was 20 boxes of Christmas Crackers. There was an enormous BANG! and suddenly ...
Brain Brian Brain
... is the new trainee Chef for Mother and Father Christmas! He's rather forgetful, and gets into a terrible muddle with his words. His first important task is to make some mince pies. Desperate not to mess it all up and forget what he's meant to be doing, he mutters away to remind himself ... but with a rather 'interesting' result. The other Elves love him!
...being the most organised Elf, she's started one of her infamous “Important Lists” to help make sure the Elves get everything done in time for Christmas Eve. There apparently have been issues with Whistle-Berries causing too much bottom whistling, Elves disappearing off to explore the Secret Underground Tunnels, missing trampolines from Cranberry Cabin (so Elves in the top bunks can't get into bed), and reindeer getting into the Important Equipment Cupboard ... and that's not all! I can only hope all the Elves read the noticeboard.
... his list of things to sort out, seems to be growing! The Giant Gobstopper Machine, the Wrapping Machine AND the Bow Machine are totally out of control. Luckily he manages to fix them before Father Christmas pops into the Elves' Workshop with some warm Treacle Traybake, BUT there are still hundreds of Elves stuck inside a big ball of wrapping paper. How will Dani get them out?
... the Chief Miner in the Cinnamon Mine, (and is particularly good at drawing). The Elves in the Cinnamon Mine have a very unexpected visit from lots of Elves (in pyjamas) arriving through a hole in their ceiling! It appears there's been the biggest snowstorm in nearly a thousand years! The Elves have managed to get into the Cinnamon Mine via the unused Secret Underground Tunnels, so they can borrow some digging equipment and save Christmas!
Dave The Stitch
... works in Pine Needle Lodge, and has the very important job of making Father Christmas' Christmas Eve uniform each year! Keen for The Big Delivery to go as smoothly as possible, this year's important additions include, amongst other things ... a reindeer Too Full / Nearly Empty dial, a suit of armour (in case it starts to hail during the flight) and a brand new Chimney Width Detector. Dave The Stitch has also learnt a new skill, which he's put to good use to come up with a range of other exciting extras!