British Made and Sustainable: Lavendar Hill Clothing

British Made and Sustainable: Lavendar Hill Clothing

We specialise in super soft t-shirts, underwear, loungewear and accessories for women. Made using sustainable materials with a luxurious feel, our collections are designed to flatter your body without costing the earth. 
Working closely with CO2 neutral factories in the UK that support their local communities, we only use natural fibres in our products and know exactly where your products have come from. 
Made in the UK

We are proud to manufacture here in the UK and comply to European health, safety, minimum wage and employment laws.

Fair Trade

We make sure that our workers in all our factories, from raw materials to manufacture, are paid fairly and not exploited in 'sweatshop' or equivalent conditions.


We only use natural fibres for our products. Our core fabric is Modal, which derives from the pulp of beech trees.

Reducing our Carbon footprint

We actively try and reduce our carbon footprint. Our fabric is produced in a CO2 neutral environment, and our production facilities are all in Europe. We try and keep our plastic consumption to a minimum and nearly all of our packaging is recyclable.

Working with the Community

We work alongside factories that look after their local communities. Our factory in Leicester has an academy that trains unemployed residents in sewing allowing them to seek skilled work in the future.

Non-toxic Dyes

We do not use any strong chemicals in our goods, all our dyes are natural and plant based.

Is our Cotton organic?

We are often asked whether our cotton is organic, the answer is no, we take the greatest care in where we source our cotton from and have found that we would have to use stronger chemical dyes if we used organic cotton.

Recycled Materials

We try and recycle 90% of our waste as well as using recycled packaging whenever we can.