Women's Made to Measure Clothing


Sizing issues with clothes bought off the peg is a growing problem for women in the UK. Nothing makes us feel more body confident than clothes that fit us perfectly and in a style that suits our shape.
At Distinctively Me we have designed a range of timeless styles which would create the base for any capsule wardrobe. We then work with you to make a piece unique to you - fitting perfectly, in a shape that compliments your body shape, and in a colour you love. No more making do with what is in the shops which you hardly wear, we make a piece you love and will wear time and again.
We are true advocate of slow fashion, wgere we only make what you order and you wear what you love - so no waste! And all at surprising affordable prices.
What a fantastic Christmas present for the women in your life! How special will they feel when they have that perfect piece they've always wanted.
We will be selling gift certificates on the day and you can chose the amount you want to spend.