Pumpkin Sugar Crystals


Candied sugar has its origins in the Caucuses. From as early as the 9th century, crystals were grown by cooling supersaturated sugar solutions. Later, small twigs were immersed in these sugar solutions for the crystals to grow on. Initially, sugar solutions were coloured using dyes such as cochineal and indigo, and scented with flower essence.
Our pumpkin sugar crystals are made in Yerevan, by crystallising the sugar (fructose) extracted from pumpkins, grown in the Tavush Region, using threads suspended in a supersaturated pumpkin sugar solution and then aged with clove oil. The variety in colour is caused by the beta carotene found in pumpkin, producing yellow crystals, and the presence of clove essential oil during the aging process, producing brown crystals.
Our pumpkin sugar crystals are recommended as a delicious unrefined alternative to standard refined sugar and can be used to sweeten any tea, tisane, coffee or hot beverage. The fructose and unrefined nature of our pumpkin sugar crystals provide a delicately sweet taste and are perfect for those who prefer slightly sweetened hot beverages.