Mallow, or malva (in Latin) and the consumption of every part of the plant, has been noted throughout history by many, including the Greek philosopher, mystic, and mathematician, Pythagoras, the Old Testament of the Bible, and the Roman author, naturalist and natural philosopher, Pliny the Elder. Due to the blue pigment contained in the petals, mallow was used as a natural blue rinse for greying hair, before being replaced by man-made dyes. Medicinally, herbalists would traditionally use mallow to treat digestive issues, inflammation, respiratory illnesses and for pain relief.

Our wild mallow is harvested 1,400 – 1,500m above sea level from the forest of Odzun, in the Lori region of Armenia, by hand. Compared to standard mallow, our mallow is sweeter and more delicate, due to altitude and purer growing conditions, and has a delightful aroma with delicate sweet closing notes. This truely is a unique tisane as our mallow changes colour in the cup (unaided), from a blueish purple to grey, with a hint of blue when done. Sit back and enjoy – tisanes need not only be about taste and health benefits.

Mallow may be drunk hot, and may be used in mocktails, cocktails and recipes.