Although linden is native to most of the temperate Northern Hemisphere, our Linden subspecies is native to the Caucasus region. Linden trees can grow to 100ft tall and have beautiful heart shaped leaves with clusters of delicate yellow flowers. Linden flower was considered an ancient healer and used for its health benefits. At present, linden is used as an herbal remedy as a decongestant for symptoms of colds and flu, in addition to improving blood circulation, relieving tension, aiding digestion and for the treatment of high blood pressure and insomnia.

Our wild linden flowers are hand harvested 1,400m above sea level from their native habitat, the Motcor forest in the Lori region of Armenia, during a single week after St. John’s day (normally between 21-28 June each year). The method of collection and processing has been passed down over thousands of years. All of the processing is done by hand by the residents of the village of Odzun and is supervised by an ethnobotanist. Compared to standard linden, our linden is more pungent, due to altitude and purer growing conditions, and has a sweet-smelling aroma, and has a sweet-smelling chamomile-esque aroma, proving a golden colour in cup.

Linden is perfect alternative to chamomile and may be enjoyed after a meal to aid digestion, or just before bedtime to relax.