Baba's Rashi & Dibis with Sesame Seeds


Terra Rossa is thrilled to announce its Baba’s Rashi & Dibis, Iraqi for Dad’s Tahini & Date Molasses spread, has won another 3-star Great Taste Award - the highly regarded accreditation from the Guild of Fine Food. And what’s even more impressive is that it’s one of only 192 3-star award winners out of 12,634 products judged! This sesame seed version of Rashi & Dibis is just a natural progression of the original one that was first developed in 2012 - as the added sesame seeds gives it a good crunch. Baba’s Rashi & Dibis was Hanan Samara’s Dad’s secret recipe mix of Tahini and dates molasses.  He was diabetic and used to have it for breakfast at around 5/6 in the morning whilst the rest of the family were still asleep so they wouldn’t catch him eating it! Baba’s Rashi & Dibis is a highly addictive sticky and nutty spread which is usually mopped up and scooped with warm bread whenever something sweet is craved for. It is absolutely delicious as a snack at any time of day and can be used in the same way you would use a chocolate spread. Often referred to as liquid Halva, it’s devoured with just about everything. Aside from eating it with bread, try sandwiching it between two biscuits, spreading it on pancakes and waffles, as a filling for crepes and scones, to topping yoghurt, ice cream, banana splits and sweet potatoes.  It’s equally delicious stirred through rice pudding, porridge and custard and is great to use in baking cakes and making muffins.