Beckford's Caramel & Spiced


Launched earlier on this year Beckford's Caramel Rum' has certainly made its mark, it  hits all the right spots and no wonder it has the 'Wow' factor It recently won a 3-star 'Great Taste' Award award, not an easy one to win, this is a drink you can just enjoy neat over ice, even add it to desserts, cocktails or with a mixer.
At Spirit of Xmas 2019, we will introduce our two new 'Beckford products Beckford's Black Pearl' a lovely Black Spiced Rum with notes of Orange, Pineapple & Vanilla and the New
Pineapple Spiced Rum. A Carribean white rum, with hints of caramel, ginger & orange, we would recommend drinking these with a splash of ginger ale or the New Signature mixer ( Woody) and a leaf of fresh mint.
You have to try to appreciate the flavour in these wonderful classy drinks, see us on the Gallery in the corner and receive a FREE mixer with every 70cl purchase.