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30 Aug 2021

Olympia London Refurbishment & Redevelopment Impact 

Olympia London Refurbishment & Redevelopment Impact 
Olympia London
Olympia is undertaking a major refurbishment, and during the pandemic with no events they have taken advantage of the empty halls and pressed ahead with the building works. 
  • The entrance to the Grand Hall remains the same as in 2019 with the link through to the National Hall.
  • The most significant change is the entrance to the National Hall. The old entrances on Hammersmith Road and Olympia Way are no longer in operation. However, a new full purpose, dedicated entrance on the corner of Olympia Way and Hammersmith Road will be in place, where Pizza Express used to be.
  • The internal temporary staircase in the National Hall has been removed which will help visitor flow around both Halls.
  • Following comments from both yourselves and our visitors, we have added an additional Champagne Bar at the back of both the National and the Grand Halls to improve the overall visitor experience, with increased seating and range of catering.
  • We have also widened some of the aisles. This will mean an overall reduction in exhibitor numbers with approximately 650 participants, as well as ensuring a comfortable visitor shopping ambience. However, we will be targeting to attract the same number of visitors to ensure there is strong business throughout and a high visitor/exhibitor ratio. 
  • Mosimanns is moving to the Gallery of the Grand Hall as previously in 2017. 
  • From the outside the building looks very different and will continue to do so as the works progress.