Jasmin Byzantian Bauble

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Jasmin Byzantian Bauble

Jasmine luxury, handcrafted glass Christmas baubles are beautiful heart-shaped baubles.

It is quite difficult to describe these gorgeous decorations and convey just how fabulously elegant they look.
Treasure Tree offers Jasmine baubles in 3 designs: with a pattern of engraved parallel rings (the Eternity pattern), with a dazzling, engraved band of lattice work that wraps around the Jasmine bauble (the Byzantian pattern) and finally with the ever popular, shimmering Heaven pattern of raised dots and engraved stars. Each Jasmine pattern is available in gold or silver. Each ornament is approximately 8cm in diameter.

Apart from the gorgeous shape and pattern of the Jasmine baubles, what really makes these tree ornaments stand out as luxury Christmas decorations is the quality of the workmanship that has gone into them. The Treasure Tree team of craftsmen has hand-blown and then hand-painted each and every Jasmine bauble. Not only that but we always use a high quality borosilicate glass that offers a perfect combination of strength and lightness. Although they make look delicate and fragile, Jasmine baubles are surprisingly robust yet are light enough to hang on a natural Christmas tree.