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Do you know a scam when you see one? 

The number of scams targeting the events industry has increased in number and sophistication. AEO Events have created this video for exhibiting brands explaining how to spot scams, how to avoid them and what to do if you’ve engaged with a scammer.  

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How will I be targeted?

Make sure to take extra precautions when handing out business information. Scammers will usually try to target you by pretending to represent the organiser of an event, or companies associated with the event.  

Watch out for organisations impersonating our Official Pocket Map Partner, as they are scamming for sponsorship. Please see our official print partner and contact details below:  

Xcalibre Communications:  

Dan O’Connor at  

The current advice from the AEO: 

Our advice is to IGNORE THEM COMPLETELY, and do not communicate with them in any way. Writing letters and responding to emails simply confirms that you exist and are available at the address/email address/number they have for you, and therefore payment can be pursued. 

  • ALERT the organiser of your event 
  • Report it to your local trading standards 
  • DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH THE SCAMMERS even when they threaten legal action 
  • Optional: Complain to the receiving bank that their client Expo Guide (or equivalent), is obtaining money by deception. 

These organisations have also been known to use debt recovery agencies, the same advice stands for these agencies. Do not engage with them