Thunder Toffee Vodka

Stand: FD20

Thunder Drinks, not only producing award winning flavoured Vodkas but also a beautiful Really Pink Gin

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  • A heavenly golden liqueur made from the milk of the famous Holstein Frisian Cow mixed with 5 times distilled premium wheat grain vodka. Ravish with ice, Crown a shot or devil up a cocktail.
  • Thunders Really Pink Gin, blushed with Elderberries, Raspberries and Redcurrants, gives way to wonderfully fruity tasting notes, whilst upholding its integrity as a truly fine Gin. Beautifully balance ...
  • Introducing our Thunder Rhubarb and Ginger, a fresh,crisp, initially tart spirit,with a gentle warmth and a cheeky kick of Jamaican Ginger! 
  • Thunder Toffee Vodka

    11 Aug 2021
    Our amazing , awardwinning Thunder Toffee Vodka, arguably the best Toffee Vodka in the worlds!! No artificial flavourings,additives of preservatives!
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