Re-Wrap It

Stand: FD90
Re-Wrap It

NO SINGLE USE plastic bags! The Wrapper wraps around your sandwich, and seals with a velcro strip! INGENOIUS!  Perfect for picnics, lunches or toddler fInger-food. Wipe down - reuse again!  MADE IN SCOTLAND by THE INMATES AT KILMARNOCK PRISON. Featured on BBC's The Customer is Always Right. 




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  • ......also available in blue, dark blue and pink!
  • A firm favourite - inspired by Dick Whittington and his sandwiches
  • Perfect for shooting party sandwiches in the hills above Balmoral
  • Sprinkle some magic on your sandwiches!
  • Brings a smile or a frown to your lunch!
  • The Beach House Wrapper - for sandy sandwiches and happy memories!
  • The ever popular Camouflage Wrapper.... perfect for hill walking!
  • No self-resepecting 8 year old should be without a Unicorn Sandwich Wrapper!
  • The Wrapper - the ORIGINAL Reusable Sandwich Wrapper! 


  • The Wrapper in Use in glorious technicolour! 
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