Made by Alpacas

Stand: A39
Made by Alpacas

Our herd of award wining alpacas are born and bred in West Sussex.
We use our love for alpacas, to create natural gifts including our hypoallergenic, un-dyed yarn, handmade dryer balls -  a chemical free alternative to fabric softeners. Plus our popular bird nesting hangers, guaranteed to please garden lovers.

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  • Stunning dk yarn made from our award winning herd of Alpacas. Our yarn is undyed hypoallergenic and just beautiful. Gift wrapped and available in a variety of natural colours.
  • Alpaca fibre is beautifully soft and cosy, perfect for attracting birds to your garden for nesting material. This re-useable pyramid bird feeder is rather smart and pre filled with at least 100g of Al ...
  • This re-useable recycled bird feeder makes a lovely addition to your garden to attract nesting birds. It is pre filled with gorgeous Alpaca fleece and comes in our three main colours of Black, Brown a ...
  • Handmade environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic 100% British alpaca dryer balls.  An amazing alternative to the chemicals of fabric softeners or dryer sheets for softening clothes, reducing static a ...
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