Hive & Keeper

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Hive & Keeper

Hive & Keeper brings you honeys from different small scale beekeepers from across the UK. Each of our honeys is a snapshot in time, reflecting the place and bees that made it. Our collections and clubs bring you the fun of discovering the story behind each honey.   

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  • We’ve selected some of our UK raw honeys as our ‘Good with porridge’ , 'Good on toast' and 'Good in tea' selection as their natural flavours and textures are perfect for spreading, pouring or stirring ...
  • The British Breakfast Honey gift set is a collection of 3 honeys, each one chosen because we think it'd make any breakfast extra special. 
  • The British Honey Tasting gift set is a collection of 3 honeys, each one showcases a different natural flavour note; from fruity to floral, to warming like caramel and fresh like hay, trees and greene ...
  • The Honey Lover's gift set comes from bees kept by small scale beekeepers across the UK. Their hives are in fields, meadows, woodlands or in gardens and create totally unique and delicious honeys. Eac ...
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