ELORE Leather Bags & Accessories

Stand: M92
ELORE Leather Bags & Accessories

ELORE Leather Bags & Accessories is based in London and specialises in genuine, high quality leather goods.

Accessorise in style with ELORE. 

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  • SANDRER is a tote bag designed by ELORE, it always has been one of our top seller. We offer this design in many colours.
  • Travel easy.
  • Ladies safe backpacks.
  • SAVO

    22 Jan 2020
    SAVO is a comfortable fit for men and women.
  • ORA

    02 Feb 2020
    ORA is a creative style designed by ELORE.
  • Jizel is multifunctional, designed by ELORE. Available in 3 colours.
  • With us, your credit cards details are fully protected
  • ARIS

    22 Jan 2020
    ARIS is a beauty with character handbag designed by ELORE, it has many compartments and it is available in four colours.
  • ELLANGE is an elegant handbag designed by ELORE, available in black and in brown. SHANAEL is our first collection 2021. A symbol of elegance, style and luxury.  


  • https://www.dropbox.com/s/qredtsysuu8d287/Aim%C3%A9e%20SANDRER%20Red%20VOGUE%20Video.mp3?dl=0
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