Duck and Crutch

Stand: FD83
Duck and Crutch

Founded in a ridiculously small shed in Kensington, we are a gin distillery and exclusive curator of the finest English alcohol products & gifts.

Beautifully produced, curated and designed (by us) to make ‘gifting for the ungiftable’ possible… 

Or, as we say: 
“Fancy ducking gifts, for fancy ducking people.”

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  • 70cl bottle of 45% ABV London Dry Gin
  • Small bottle each of our Kensington Dry Gin and Ken. Overproof Dry Gin presented alongside an engraved crystal tumbler glass.
  • 70cl bottle of 57% ABV London Dry Gin
  • Handmade in England. 4oz solid pewter Hip Flask. Hallmarked and stamped with a deep cast custom lid.   
  • Kensington Dry Gin presented alongside two engraved crystal tumbler glasses.
  • Limited edition first run Rugby
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