The Pamper Bed Tray in Russian Karelian Birch



A stunning Russian Karelian Birch Pamper Tray by iWOODESIGN Exclusive Creations.

Contemporary and so luxurious, this style is one of our best sellers. It is a beautiful luxury laptop and bed tray.

Folds down easily and compactly whilst still retaining your papers and magazines in the storage side pockets. Brackets included to angle your laptop and clipped on with magnets for ease of removal.

The Pamper Tray is handmade in one of the rarest and most luxurious woods in the world. Karelian Birch is a truly royal wood, originally only used for the Tzars' furniture.

Our luxury homeware collection offers exceptional items especially handmade for you.

Only a limited quantity can be made using the highest quality wood and each Pamper Tray is unique.

A super and unique Luxury Christmas Gift.