25 Oct 2021

Gunda Hafner LTD Collection Autumn Winter 2022

Gunda Hafner Stand: M14

Second nature


a tendency or habit that has become characteristic or instinctive.

“a sustainable mindset has become second nature at Gunda Hafner Ltd.”

Sustainability has become second nature to us, whether it is sourcing ethical labour and fabrics or recycling materials that would have otherwise will go to waste.. Even though we work and live in the concrete city we feel connected to nature,  our brand cares for the environment and focuses on minimising the consequences of the global fashion industry.  For our knitwear, for example, we have paired yarn from previous collections with new yarn and created colourful vests; our raw materials are not infinite and high quality is worth reusing.  


The Autumn Winter 2021/22 collection shows who we are and what we are passionate about.