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14 Sep 2023

GUM Playbrush - More than just a game

Playbrush Stand: J53

The GUM Playbrush is more than just a game — while children play, the brush measures the brushing movement and transfers them to the app in real time. With its intelligent background logic, the GUM Playbrush provides guidance on the right brushing technique, allowing children to make progress only when they brush correctly. The results:

-) Children clean voluntarily*
-) Children brush 2x longer & more regularly*
-) Children brush more thoroughly*

Connect the brush to the app via Bluetooth and your brushing movements control the action. Fly aeroplanes, paint pictures or train in the right technique with the coach. Discover countless adventures! But: only those who clean correctly win!

*Professional research with Playbrush Smart, 2017 & Questionnaire with GUM Playbrush Smart Sonic, 2018 (As of 2023 Playbrush Smart Sonic has been renamed GUM Playbrush)