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Sheepers Stand: B1
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Zodiac collection Zodiac collection Zodiac collection

Inspired by Sheepers Core ranges, we are finally able to bring to you the ultimate outdoor slipper. Bringing the traditional moccasin sheepskin lined slipper together with the modern ability to be worn outside.

The slipper itself displays a black fluffy sheepskin cuff, with a navy sheepskin upper detailed with gold embroidery outlining the chosen star signs symbol. However, the best is yet to come. The inside of the slipper is lined gorgeously with a stunning merino sheepskin wool supported by memory foam, to provide you with comfort you have never experienced before.

Each pair is accompanied by complimentary gift wrap, our navy and gold embossed Zodiac Collection gift box, with a luxuriously matte manta card. Each mantra card, has been thoughtfully executed by professional Astrologer Damien Allen, to include a stunning description tailored to that particular star sign.

This range aspires to be a perfect gift, making a wonderful and personal gift for a loved one or friend. Each exact detail has been thought through thoroughly, with the end goal of tying together a traditional slipper with the ultimate modern twist.