03 Nov 2021

Zaatar & Pine Nut Sauce with Crispy Onions

Terra Rossa Jordan Ltd Stand: GT19

About this Sauce

  • This sauce is primarily made with Zaatar, a scrumptious mix of thyme, sesame seeds and Sumac citrus berry, extra virgin olive oil and topped with dry roasted pine nuts and crispy onions for that extra nuttiness.
  • It is the main ingredient for making Manaqeesh – the ubiquitous street food Levantine Pizza which is often topped with Akawi cheese - a Mozzarella style cheese..
  • It is traditionally eaten with freshly baked bread for breakfast and accompanied with mint tea and is often seen topping Lebny strained yoghurt balls and enjoyed with a glass of good wine in the evening.
  • It is renowned for use in Middle Eastern recipes to flavour pastries,omelettes, salads, and meat especially chicken.
  • It makes an excellent filling for wraps and paninis especially when combined with Halloumi cheese and is delicious tucked snugly inside a   camembert round before baking and devoured with garlic nan bread.