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15 Sep 2023

Synergy Yoga Mat

Conscious Yoga Collective Stand: J96
  • Synergy Yoga Mat
  • Synergy Yoga Mat
  • Synergy Yoga Mat
Synergy Yoga Mat Synergy Yoga Mat Synergy Yoga Mat

Discover a new dimension in your yoga practice with eco-friendly yoga mats from Conscious Yoga Collective. These innovative mats are crafted from recycled plastic bottles, embodying a commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. A natural tree rubber base provides exceptional grip and durability, ensuring a stable foundation for your practice.

What sets these mats apart is their artistic design, with a collection of eight stunning patterns inspired by nature and yoga philosophy. These mats not only enhance the aesthetics of your practice space but also deepen your connection with the natural world.

Made in India, these mats are a testament to the rich yoga tradition of the region. Moreover, a significant portion of the profits from Conscious Yoga Collective goes toward supporting local initiatives in India, fostering positive change in the communities involved.

Conscious Yoga Collective's eco-friendly yoga mats offer more than just physical support; they represent a commitment to a mindful, eco-conscious lifestyle. Elevate your practice, connect with nature, and contribute to global sustainability with these exceptional yoga mats. Join the movement toward eco-friendly living and deepen your yoga journey with Conscious Yoga Collective.