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14 Oct 2023

Saffron face cream

Niyama Essentials Stand: C8
  • Saffron face cream
  • Saffron face cream
  • Saffron face cream
Saffron face cream Saffron face cream Saffron face cream

Saffron face cream is an antioxidant rich gentle day moisturiser. The herbs and essential oils in it are naturally hydrating and rich in nutrients. Nourishing the skin; these nutrients help to maintain the skin’s suppleness and moisture balance.  Saffron Face Cream comes as a breath of fresh air to give you radiant, healthy-looking skin.

About this item:

  1. This gentle day cream moisturiser is infused with saffron which is known to nourish the skin and bring a radiant glow to the skin.
  2. Licorice tightens the skin and targets hyperpigmentation.
  3. Enriched with Geranium Oil- enhances circulation and helps decongest and relax the skin.
  4. The antioxidant herb enriched ingredients in this formulation, neutralize the effect of damaging free radicals and act as a strong guard for the skin.
  5. Suitable For Normal/Oily Skin Textures: This light day cream moisturiser keeps the skin well-nourished and fresh looking all day. Regular use restores and maintains the skins natural beauty.
  6. Plant Derived Ingredients: Our skin has the potential to utilize plant ingredients to keep itself aesthetically beautiful.
  7. This handcrafted product is Vegan and cruelty free.