20 Oct 2021

Rose NV

Wiston Estate Winery Stand: GT13

Our NV wines are a composition of many vintages blended together. The journey of this wine started in 2009 where we reserved a small amount of wine.  Each year that we harvest grapes and make wine, we build up our reserve wines. This allows us to create a style consistent year on year and show a piece of Wiston history in every glass. This current iteration is made up of 10% of wine from 2018 and includes 15% red wine in the blend to impart a lovely pink colour. We press whole bunches of grapes through our Coquard basket press, (as used in Champagne), before fermenting in stainless steel, and resting on its lees ahead of bottling. After bottling, it is kept cool and capped (sur lattes) for over two years before being disgorged at a low dosage in Spring 2021.