26 Oct 2021

Mirari Life Experience 'PURIFY'

Mirari Life Stand: D30
  • Mirari Life Experience 'PURIFY'
  • Mirari Life Experience 'PURIFY'
  • Mirari Life Experience 'PURIFY'
Mirari Life Experience 'PURIFY' Mirari Life Experience 'PURIFY' Mirari Life Experience 'PURIFY'

Live a Mirari Life and see the world with wonder
The Mirari Life Mask experience harnesses the power of healing crystals, sacred geometry and bespoke aromatherapy in a collection of hand crafted silk eye masks.
Layer the silk velvet eye mask, attachable botanical pouch and crystal shield, in your desired combinations. Create personal rituals and discover the alchemy within.

Silk Velvet Eye Mask
Soft and soothing layers of premium silk velvet, satin and pure mulberry silk, create a weightless pillow for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.
Allow the gentle silks to support your skin and hair while you are transported to your sacred space.

Black Obsidian Crystal Shield

Black obsidian is powerful and protective. It shields from and dispels negativity, while grounding and helping to release unwanted emotional clutter. Hand-embroidered sacred geometries, beaded with healing gems and Swarovski crystals, create powerful formations and energetic synergies.
The Siri Yantra balances dualities and provides mental clarity, opening the channels for spiritual guidance. Overcome psychic barriers to clear your path.



Smudged White Sage Botanical Pouch
Smudged white sage clears our inner and etheric space. It helps to release unwanted energies. Mirari Life’s sage smudging ceremony draws from ancient purifying rituals, infusing mantra intentions and crystal protection. A sheer silk pouch activates the senses with pure and potent botanicals.
Create a welcoming space for positivity.