Keto Almond Morsels

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  • Keto Almond Morsels
  • Keto Almond Morsels
Keto Almond Morsels Keto Almond Morsels

Rich, chewy, yet low carb and Keto-friendly, these nutty almond morsels are deliciously blended with a hint of vanilla and sea salt.

These are honestly the bomb - the fat bomb! 

Deeply nourishing and satisfyingly dense, Keto8 Morsels provide the right energy to power you through your day.

They are the perfect low carb, Keto treat, abundant in antioxidants, plus brain boosting MCT, and the added benefit of all-important fibre. High in prebiotic fibre, these are gut health friendly, and a source of magnesium and manganese to boot.

They are a great snack for travel, at-the-desk, or on-the-go. A moreish and satisfying treat without the guilt.