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20 Oct 2023


Boho Betty UK Stand: Q76

This bracelet is a true embodiment of sophistication and style.

The central theme of this bracelet is the vibrant array of gemstones that adorn it. The combination of turquoise, lapis lazuli, malachite, and apatite creates a stunning visual symphony of colors. Turquoise brings a calming sky-blue hue to the bracelet, symbolizing tranquility and protection. Lapis lazuli contributes its deep blue tones with golden flecks, representing wisdom and truth. The rich green malachite adds a touch of nature's vitality and transformation. Finally, apatite introduces shades of captivating teal, symbolizing clarity and insight. 

The bracelet features a signature pendant crafted in 14k gold plate on brass. 

For comfort and adaptability, it comes with an adjustable slider mechanism, making it suitable for most wrists. Made with 14k Gold plate on brass, length is up to 26cm.