03 Nov 2021

Dukka Harissa Salsa

Terra Rossa Jordan Ltd Stand: GT19

About this Salsa

  • Based on a North African recipe, Harissa is made mainly from fresh chillies, tomatoes and Dukka coriander mix .
  • Harissa adds warmth and spice to any dish and is a must have ingredient for falafel wraps with tahini sauce.
  • It is exceedingly good as a topping for fresh dips in particular Houmous, Greek Yoghurt and Muhammara.
  • Mix with olive oil and drizzle over potatoes for an amazing Bombay potato dish or combine with yoghurt to make a marinade for chicken, pork or fish especially when making prawns, salmon and vegetables kebab skewers.
  • It adds a fiery punch and uplifts the taste of any baked beans, home-made tagines, soups and stews.
  • It’s delicious as a pizza topping especially when combined with Zaatar sauce and topped with Feta or Halloumi cheese.