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18 Sep 2023

Doodle Dog and Friends T-Shirt Painting Craft Kit Box

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  • Doodle Dog and Friends T-Shirt Painting Craft Kit Box
  • Doodle Dog and Friends T-Shirt Painting Craft Kit Box
  • Doodle Dog and Friends T-Shirt Painting Craft Kit Box
Doodle Dog and Friends T-Shirt Painting Craft Kit Box Doodle Dog and Friends T-Shirt Painting Craft Kit Box Doodle Dog and Friends T-Shirt Painting Craft Kit Box

If you love cute dogs then this super cute Doodle Poo and Small Dogs t-shirt painting set is “pawfect”!  Design a Doodle dog t-shirt along with other cute dogs that have huge characters and buckets of puppy love appeal. These fun dog stencil captures Terriers, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas and all kinds of “poo” mixes in one box. You can personalise your t-shirt with your own dog or your favourite breed.

Mix the mess-free fabric paints together on the fabric to create the right hair colour of the dogs you love, use the black pen to add fur texture, facial expressions and some dog art to create a scene. 

There’s plenty of ideas in the Pawfect Pooches Notebook, for example a French Terrier becomes a Boston Terrier by changing the ears, a Westie turns into a pop-art dog, a Dachshund wears a winter coat and a Doodle Poo is ready to party!

Everything in a box.

This t-shirt painting craft box is filled to the brim with everything you need to paint and draw puppies and dogs. One box can go a long way, just add extra t-shirts into your basket and gather the pack of dog loving friends around to share the fun.

With the easy to follow instruction sheet, t-shirt painting Pawfect Pooches Notebook and “how to” videos this dog t-shirt craft is just as much fun for kids and as well as teens and adults.

When a child mixes their imagination with our stencils and paints, the result is a priceless memory captured on their “forever t-shirt”. Watch their confidence grow as one t-shirt leads to a collection of handmade designs.

No mess. No stress!

And for you adults, there’s no need to worry about craft chaos with these kits, as the dabber tops make our fabric paint mess free with minimal waste.

Painting with dog stencils create “woofable” designs that “sit” on their t-shirt and not on the table tops!

Every child can do it and that means you can too!

The gift that keeps on giving.

Includes plenty of paint to create multiple dog t-shirts, whether it’s to fill their wardrobes or to share their barking mad designs with friends and family.

These kits are ideal for birthday parties, dog parties, sleepover and hounding around with friends.  Use the stencils to create dog birthday cards, dog party invitations and Christmas cards of your favourite hound.

How does the design stay on the t-shirt?

Use a hot iron on the design to seal it and make the paint permanent. Hand wash the finished t-shirts at 30 degrees. Dabber bottles can be sent back to us. We will wash them, adding new dabber tops, and reusing them for our next customers.


Choose Your Paint Colours In The Box – you decide!

Original/Natural paints

4 x 29ml Paint Dabbers: Brown, Gold, Red, Black

OR Go Bright
4 x 29ml Paint Dabbers: Fluorescent Blue, Pink, Yellow, Chilli Red

Also in the box:

  • 2 x Stencils Doodle Poo and Small Dogs
  • 1 x T-Shirt
  • 1 x Black Fabric Pen
  • 1 x Pawfect Pooches Dog Booklet full of drawing inspiration
  • 1 x Stencil Tape
  • 1 x Video Tutorial QR code

Add your name or fun slogans to your t-shirt with our Alphabet and Symbols stencil. Check out the rest of our Dog Stencils to create a whole kennel full of fun t-shirt designs!


Contains small parts, not suitable for children under 36 months. Adult supervision may be required. Choking hazard. If paint comes into contact with eyes immediately wash out with water. Iron to be used by adults only. Paints can stain, protect clothing and surfaces.