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Charlie Charcoal Oven

Cheeky Charlie Oven Stand: H34
  • Charlie Charcoal Oven
  • Charlie Charcoal Oven
  • Charlie Charcoal Oven
Charlie Charcoal Oven Charlie Charcoal Oven Charlie Charcoal Oven

Cook a whole meal at once

Bake restaurant-quality pizzas

Hot smoke or cold smoke

Grill directly over the flames 

Infuse food with the wonderful aroma of cooking with charcoal and wood.

Easy to use

Charlie has only two moving parts, the upper and lower air vent control knobs. These control the airflow and thus the oven temperature. The more air comes through the bottom vent, the charcoal will burn hotter. Easy peasy.

Big Capacity and Versatile

Charlie has 2.5 times the capacity of a domestic oven! It has nine cooking rack positions to allow many different cooking options. Cook indirectly (away from the fire) or directly (close to the fire). The cooking racks are professional-grade.

All in one oven

Charlie is the perfect solution to all your outdoor cooking needs. It's a BBQ grill, a smoker, a pizza oven and a charcoal oven in one.

Fuel efficient

Charlie's sealed design and superior thermal insulation mean it uses 45% less charcoal than an open grill. As a result, one modest load of charcoal will last for four to six hours.

Cook all year round

Cooking outside isn't just for BBQ season. Charlie is weatherproof and designed to work whatever the weather.



  • Operating temperature range of 100°C to 400°C.
    • 15-20 minutes to reach 200-250°C temperature.
    • 30 minutes to reach 375-400°C for pizza baking.
    • Holds temperature for between 4 and 6 hours.
  • Nine rack cooking levels for multi-height cooking.
  • The oven interior cooking chamber and racks are made of stainless steel.
  • The exterior of the oven is weatherproof, powder-coated, and made of UV-protected mild steel. The hardware is solid stainless steel.
  • The advanced insulation combines steel and ceramic wool. The insulation keeps all the heat inside the oven.
  • Internal oven: D:50 cm W:44cm H:63 cm. External oven: D:60 cm, W: 62, H: 180 cm (150cm without the chimney).
  • Three year manufacturer warranty.

Customisation options:

  • CHIMNEY - The flue system is modular. It is possible to specify a more extended flue or have sections added to change the direction of the vent (elbows). Additional costs are based on the specification required.
  • COLOURSWant a specific colour? We can paint your oven in most RAL colours. However, there is an additional cost for this service. Contact us directly to get a quote at

What's included:

  • The oven comes with two commercial grade cooking racks as standard.
  • The oven comes fully assembled and ready to use.